Age of Enlightment #8

Is America moving toward The age of Enlightenment or the age of darkness?

The age of Darkness is a society in which, a few humans control the resources and make all decisions for the masses. You may ask why? Because we have taken our democratic society for granted and as a gift that would always exist. We have failed to take responsibility and act as watchmen over our government.

The Creator, I Am God, of our planet, created each human being with the power of free will; to choose to live in light or darkness, ie. good or evil. The I Am God has sent many disciples or prophets ie. Jesus Christ to show us the way to live in the light of god. The I AM GOD sent his SON or (Sun) to show us how to live as children of light.

In the BIBLE, Chapter 21, book of Revelation, John of Patmos recieved a Spiritual Revelation from the HOLY SPIRIT. This explains the final plan for this earth planet. It is written in symbolic language. The true meaning was that there will be a New World Order.

Remember we were created with free will. It is the result of our actions that create the outcomes we are experiencing in this life. Remember we can end in distruction ie. darkness or we can experience THE AWAKENING and ETERNAL LIFE with the I AM GOD.

The Heart of God #7

Moses a man who lived 1,500 years BCE (Before Christ Existed). He lived until he was 120 years old. Moses found the secret place of the most high god. See King James version of the bible (psalm 91). I understand “the secret place” to be the Heart of God. Moses was not a perfect man. He often became angry and acted in poor judgement. However, he prayed and sought the I Am God, for many years. One day he heard God’s voice from within his heart. He was told to lead the Hebrew (Jewish) people out of slavery who were in Egypt. God brought four plagues upon Egypt before the Pharaoh allowed Moses to lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt into the promised land.

One day Moses heard I Am God’s voice instruct him to come to the mountain top to commune together. Moses asked the voice on the mountain top what is your name? The voice replied “I Am, I Am”. Sometime after Moses’s mountain top experience, it is believed that he wrote the 91st psalm in the Bible; “He that dwells in the secret place of the most high God shall abide under the shadow of the almighty”.

For over 6,000 years the I Am God still waits for humankind to seek and return to our spiritual eternal home; in unity with the I Am God. We will be guided the way to universal brotherhood. A place where you will be taught great and unimaginable secrets and God will keep your secrets.

Remember, you must first seek the I Am with your whole heart, mind, and soul, and you will be guided to your highest good. This is the way that I am being taught daily. Therefore, I am thankful.

West Wind



The pledge of allegiance to the United States is to the nation and to the flag. God is not first but last. It is now time to pledge our devotion to GOD first. It is time to break the control of Darkness . We are children of light. Plant a seed in your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, other family members and friends. This is our responsibility for the future of America and for democracy. At birth all humankind were given love, wisdom, and power to spiritually join our energies with the spirit of the I AM GOD and bring light to this dark Kingdom. Now is the time to freely surrender our attachments to greed, anger, and hate that belong to this kingdom of darkness. Layer by layer layer by layer our material mind will be replaced by our spiritual mind until we become aware of our inner spirit, which is the I..Am..God.

At the moment of reading this revelation; let us make the free will choice to join together our spiritual energies. In order that we may mentally place a band of SPIRITUAL LIGHT around this earth planet. WORKING IN COOPERATION WITH THE I AM SPIRIT, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. We must examine ourselves daily, in every relationship to determine if we treat ourselves and others ACCORDING to the following principles. LOVE, PATIENCE, GENTLENESS, SELF CONTROL, FORGIVING HEART, UNSELFISHNESS, FORBEARANCE. These same principles were taught by holy Sages since Adam and Eve came to this planet. GOD does not change!!

Begin by keeping a separate spiritual notebook and pen by your bed or close by when you are meditating. Find a quiet place that is warm and comfortable to meditate. The journal is to record your thoughts, dreams, messages, and directions received. Review your personal journal daily or often. Next, breathe deeply in and out three times. Repeat slowly aloud or silently, BE STILL…AND KNOW… I…AM…GOD. The more you repeat and dwell on BE. STILL .. AND…KNOW…I ..AM…GOD , the sooner you will AWAKEN.

Welcome the I Am Spirit of God into your inner spirit.

Next repeat aloud or silently the following prayer, which was received by myself and three others while meditating, fourty years ago. “Father Mother God allumin our paths that we may forever walk in righteousness, carrying the light of God before us in confidence. We will act as given through the Holy Spirit”

Next, sit still and listen for thoughts coming from your inner-self. Record thoughts you hear in your Journal.Keep your thoughts and journal private unless you have a trusted prayer and meditation partner. Do not be discouraged if you do not hear within weeks or months or years this will all depend on what earthly attributes you must surrender or how much effort and heart you are willing to devote. If your heart is open it can happen in a day or week . Focus your daily thoughts on the seven attributes of God listed above.

For we are the four winds, North, East, South and West, WE are the energies of the Universe. Look up your astrological sign or birth month, day and you will find out which wind you represent, I am the West Wind. This has been God’s plan from the beginning of creation. The reason this has not happened is that we have not made the choice to reunite with God’s spirit. When the Four Winds join our spiritual energies, there is no power on Earth that can prevent the Light of God from over taking this planet.

In the King James version of the Bible, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. John wrote in Revelations chapter 21 verse 3, “the tabernacle of God is with humankind, and God will dwell with them, they shall be his people and God himself shall be with them and be their God.” We will need no man and no books to teach us for we will be taught by the I Am God. It is now that time for awakening.

This post is a meditation from the I Am Spirit. Please copy and keep in your journal for future meditations.

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America Awake to see genocide, assassination, cultural human rape, and murder. It is our need to have someone in an inferior position. Some individuals have the need to feel superior to our brothers and sisters; this is INSANITY and GENOCIDE. For example in the bible Genesis 4 Verse 1-16, Cain killed his brother Abel because he envied Abel’s birth right ie. Abel was the first born. Envy, greed, superiority and materialism, are deeply rooted in today’s culture throughout planet Earth.

As established in prior posts, all humankind were created by the I Am Spirit in love, wisdom, and power. How can we being one in the spirit, hate, kill, rob and destroy each other? This is where we find ourselves at this period in time. How would you define America’s current condition? If we don’t repent, wake up, and change, America will cease to exist. In the meantime, America will become a living hell!

To all that acknowledge their blessings from the I Am Spirit, and want to remain in the LIGHT; stand up, speak, and act in wisdom. Unite white, black, brown, red and yellow. We have the power, wisdom, and love from the I Am Spirit; use it! Use your God given power to bring light, justice, peace, and mercy in our next election. Remember all the people that have suffered and died to vote ie. Martin Luther King, and John Lewis and hundreds of others. It is our greed that keeps us from sharing. Even our animals look out for each other better than us humans. We are our brothers keepers. Change must come now or our democracy will fail.

Light your candle, put on your dancing shoes, shake, rattle, and roll, for this madness will soon be over, when we vote. Don’t be a dope, vote wisely and unite in every election.

ONENESS with The Creator/ THE I AM #4

The Holy Spirit brings the essence of ONENESS. It is the essence of ONENESS that must be recaptured. The object of this lesson is to return to that point where we recognize our ONENESS with the I AM.

We must give no power to the darkness or misdirected energy i.e. sin. We must exalt nothing that is not of the one, the I AM. We do not see the light because we are blinded by the world’s materialism. We must give the darkness no power least we become turned into stone. In the Book of Ezekiel it is written that, when the Spirit of the I AM GOD passed by mankind, we were polluted in our own blood and the Spirit of GOD said, LIVE. We took our first breath in which point we became alive on this planet. We became GOD’s energy on Earth. The I AM Spirit looked on humankind and it was a time of LOVE. Our Spirits entered into a covenant with the I AM. We became one with the Lord GOD; as we are today. We were washed with water and anointed with oil. We were clothed with linen and fine silk. Jewels were placed on our forehead, earrings in our ears, and a crown on our head (Ezekiel Chapter 16).It is written in Revelations Chapter 21, that John had a vision. He saw GOD coming down out of heaven and said behold the Tabernacle of GOD is with humankind. The I AM Spirit will dwell with us and we shall be GOD’s people; and GOD shall be in us and be our GOD. We were created by the I AM in the state of higher consciousness, to serve only a high purpose. In this, the I AM is well pleased. What pleases GOD? If you love me, you will love my creation; as I love you!

ONENESS may also be viewed as it relates to the evolution of creation in the universe; by the I AM Spirit. When the GOD Spirit desired to create human beings, to reflect the I AM Spirit on Planet Earth; humankind was created. At this point in time, the I AM Spirit breathed it’s spark of life into humans. The purpose of HUMANKIND’S EXISTENCE, IS TO CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH. You may laugh or say this is impossible. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN HUMANKIND HUMBLES THEMSELVES TO THE I AM GOD WITHIN.

If you wish to explore this hypothesis, please comment in the spaces provided below. REMEMBER this Blog 100% free. It is requested that you share this blog with your friends. We must manifest GOD’s light on Planet Earth. As messages and insights are given, I will continue to post. STAY PLUGGED IN.


We are each created as one in the total image of GOD. In the beginning, GOD breathed a spark of his essence into each human. At the time of our birth, we were given all POWER, all LOVE, and all WISDOM; which are the attributes of GOD. Now is the time to develop into our higher Spiritual consciousness. We must learn the proper use of these gifts, given to each human. The reason we were created is to bring into existence GOD’s plan to unite Heaven on Earth. If we choose not to fulfill the purpose for which we were created, Human kind will continue to live in darkness. Those who choose to be awakened will experience daily unknown creation and wonders.

The Path of ONENESS

Between the in-breath and the out-breath the nectar of GOD infuses into each being. On the in-breath, the essence of GOD is breathed into our body. On the out-breath we release GOD’s creation into our existence i.e. environment. At birth each human became the love of GOD manifested on Earth. Another way to understand this idea may be seen as our PATH to ONENESS.

With every breath we consume the universe. Between the in-breath and the out-breath we are fed from GOD. On the out-breath we feed life. On every in-breath we take life back into our being. Between the out-breath and the in-breath the nectar of GOD infuses into us. On the out-breath we release creation into the universe which is an act of GOD’s love. We become the love of GOD manifested on Earth.

This will only happen when we freely surrender our will to the universal creator. Upon the reawakening of our universal Spirit, we will be prepared to be instruments for the transmission of the LIGHT OF GOD.

You may be asking how can this be so? According to Matthew, ask and it shall be given unto you; ask, seek , knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

At our beginning, the breath of GOD was breathed into our nostrils and man became living Souls; according to Genesis Chapter 2. GOD gave us his breath and we became a living soul. During this time, we were awake and lived in the Spiritual realm with GOD. When we were given the attributes of GOD, we were created with free will. We were free to follow the light or darkness.

Job wrote, The Spirit of GOD made me and the breath of the almighty gave me life. It is also written, the first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening Spirit. As we are changed from mortal to immortality, we become one with the Spirit of GOD. i.e: this is the Spirit of ONENESS. Do not be denied and hypnotized by the Spirit of darkness. We can choose to submit to GOD and say, “Thy will be done on Earth; as it is in heaven”. It is our freewill to become vessels for the transmission of the Light Of GOD on Earth.

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After reviewing your comments to this blog; I feel it’s important that I provide background information and documentation as to how and why it is important to pursue the path to ONENESS. The first reference I will use is called the Bible. My grandmother told me the meaning of the word Bible was capital B = Best, I = Instructions, B = Before, L = Living, E = On Earth. This book was written or ie translated approximately 2500 years ago in Hebrew, later translated 500 years ago into English by William Tensdale. The Bible was written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Another reference which I will quote is called the Impersonal Life. Channeled by Joseph Benner, who lived from 1872 until 1938. Additionally, I am using my own revelations received over the past 10 years.

The Old Testament (Jeremiah) speaks of THE ONE to come; who will be The light of God on Earth. The New Testament refers to the life of Yeshua (Hebew name for Jesus) as The light of God. Yeshua (Jesus) represents the anointed one. Yeshua was born by a woman named Mary. According to the plan of the I Am God, all humankind must come to this planet through a woman (womb/man). The real importance of a woman being the channel for creation on this Earth, has not been revealed. However, I believe that this Awakening will come. As far as I know this has been the Eternal plan for humankind’s entrance into this planet. Therefore, I believe it is the plan of the I AM SPIRIT.



This page is to share encouraging Spiritual and educational insights into the human realm. GOD speaks to each of us in the manner which we can hear. (Ask, seek, knock, and the door of wisdom will be open to you).

The following messages are for those who want to obtain wisdom; his children. This is only the beginning…





When we rise to our highest Spiritual consciousness.

THIS blog is named; “ELOHIM/ ADONAI”

ELOHIM = means MY GOD .



The Reader may ask who is writing this blog and why?

MY SPIRITUAL NAME IS “West Wind”. Many years ago,I was given this name during a prayer and meditation session. West Wind in Greek history means “Favonian” which means a favorable or gentle breeze. Daniel Chapter 7 states, the West Wind is the end of the age, a restoration, or the setting of the sun on Earth.

The West Wind is my Spiritual energy. It’s purpose on Planet Earth, as given to me through the Spirit of the I AM, is to function as an attribute of GOD’s energy. I AM to bring messages concerning the awakening of humankind on this planet; before the end of this age. After thirty years of seeking, I have learned this is the reason for my existence on this planet. During meditation and prayer sessions of the FOUR WINDS (NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, AND WEST) we were given this prayer, which I will now share with you.

“Holy Father, Mother GOD

Alumin our paths that we might forever walk in righteousness

Carrying the light of GOD before us

For we are the whole world, the universe of mankind

We will act as given through the HOLY SPIRIT.”

Stay plugged in for the following post.