Age of Enlightment #8

Is America moving toward The age of Enlightenment or the age of darkness?

The age of Darkness is a society in which, a few humans control the resources and make all decisions for the masses. You may ask why? Because we have taken our democratic society for granted and as a gift that would always exist. We have failed to take responsibility and act as watchmen over our government.

The Creator, I Am God, of our planet, created each human being with the power of free will; to choose to live in light or darkness, ie. good or evil. The I Am God has sent many disciples or prophets ie. Jesus Christ to show us the way to live in the light of god. The I AM GOD sent his SON or (Sun) to show us how to live as children of light.

In the BIBLE, Chapter 21, book of Revelation, John of Patmos recieved a Spiritual Revelation from the HOLY SPIRIT. This explains the final plan for this earth planet. It is written in symbolic language. The true meaning was that there will be a New World Order.

Remember we were created with free will. It is the result of our actions that create the outcomes we are experiencing in this life. Remember we can end in distruction ie. darkness or we can experience THE AWAKENING and ETERNAL LIFE with the I AM GOD.


The purpose of The Elohim Adonai Institute is to promote encouraging spiritual and educational information.

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