Age of Enlightment #8

Is America moving toward The age of Enlightenment or the age of darkness? The age of Darkness is a society in which, a few humans control the resources and make all decisions for the masses. You may ask why? Because we have taken our democratic society for granted and as a gift that would alwaysContinue reading “Age of Enlightment #8”

The Heart of God #7

Moses a man who lived 1,500 years BCE (Before Christ Existed). He lived until he was 120 years old. Moses found the secret place of the most high god. See King James version of the bible (psalm 91). I understand “the secret place” to be the Heart of God. Moses was not a perfect man.Continue reading “The Heart of God #7”


ARE WE READY TO REUNITE MENTALLY WITH THE I AM GOD? The pledge of allegiance to the United States is to the nation and to the flag. God is not first but last. It is now time to pledge our devotion to GOD first. It is time to break the control of Darkness . WeContinue reading “I AM GOD #6”


America Awake to see genocide, assassination, cultural human rape, and murder. It is our need to have someone in an inferior position. Some individuals have the need to feel superior to our brothers and sisters; this is INSANITY and GENOCIDE. For example in the bible Genesis 4 Verse 1-16, Cain killed his brother Abel becauseContinue reading “AMERICA AWAKE! #5”

ONENESS with The Creator/ THE I AM #4

The Holy Spirit brings the essence of ONENESS. It is the essence of ONENESS that must be recaptured. See Blog #3 for background. The object of this lesson is to return to that point where we recognize our ONENESS with the I AM. ONENESS may also be viewed as it relates to the evolution ofContinue reading “ONENESS with The Creator/ THE I AM #4”


We are each created as one in the total image of GOD. In the beginning, GOD breathed a spark of essence into each human. At the time of our birth, we were given all POWER, all LOVE, and all WISDOM; which are the attributes of GOD. Now is the time to develop into our higherContinue reading “HEALING ALTERNATIVES IN THE 21st CENTURY AND BEYOND: #3”


After reviewing your comments to this blog; I feel it’s important that I provide background information and documentation as to how and why it is important to pursue the path to ONENESS. The first reference I will use is called the Bible. My grandmother told me the meaning of the word Bible that is BContinue reading “OUR CONTINUED PATH TOWARDS ONENESS! #2”


This page is to share encouraging Spiritual and educational insights into the human realm. GOD speaks to each of us in the manner which we can hear. (Ask, seek, knock, and the door of wisdom will be open to you). The following messages are for those who want to obtain wisdom; his children. This isContinue reading “RETURN TO THE LIGHT #1”