America Awake to see genocide, assassination, cultural human rape, and murder. It is our need to have someone in an inferior position. Some individuals have the need to feel superior to our brothers and sisters; this is INSANITY and GENOCIDE. For example in the bible Genesis 4 Verse 1-16, Cain killed his brother Abel because he envied Abel’s birth right ie. Abel was the first born. Envy, greed, superiority and materialism, are deeply rooted in today’s culture throughout planet Earth.

As established in prior posts, all humankind were created by the I Am Spirit in love, wisdom, and power. How can we being one in the spirit, hate, kill, rob and destroy each other? This is where we find ourselves at this period in time. How would you define America’s current condition? If we don’t repent, wake up, and change, America will cease to exist. In the meantime, America will become a living hell!

To all that acknowledge their blessings from the I Am Spirit, and want to remain in the LIGHT; stand up, speak, and act in wisdom. Unite white, black, brown, red and yellow. We have the power, wisdom, and love from the I Am Spirit; use it! Use your God given power to bring light, justice, peace, and mercy in our next election. Remember all the people that have suffered and died to vote ie. Martin Luther King, and John Lewis and hundreds of others. It is our greed that keeps us from sharing. Even our animals look out for each other better than us humans. We are our brothers keepers. Change must come now or our democracy will fail.

Light your candle, put on your dancing shoes, shake, rattle, and roll, for this madness will soon be over, when we vote. Don’t be a dope, vote wisely and unite in every election.


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5 thoughts on “AMERICA AWAKE! #5

  1. I agree. Vengeance is For the I am spirit, which in Hebrew related to as YHWH, According to scripture. He set before us a universal law that is righteous, which is we reap what we sow. If we sow wickedness as individual seed planters, then our crops are going to be wicked. We have the power of in our own gardens to plant the seeds that we want in our garden. The I am spirit(YHWH) set before us a blessing and a curse, read Deuteromony Chapt. 28 where he explains this to us and prayerfully, this gives us a better understanding as to why the things that are happening in this universe today. Shalom and One Love West Wind. Very profound message.

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    1. I think this is well written & I agree. It’s our own thoughts, and actions that have gotten the world to the state that it is. The vengeance is truly Yahweh’s (Hebrew for God) and it’s not up to us to change His perfect & permissive will. Love is the answer. Not a worldly love, but the love of our Father.

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    2. This is WEST WIND, Pray that you are experiencing the peace of THE I AM. I WOULD LIKE TOO FOLLOW ANY OF YOUR POSTS. How is this possible?
      Please meditate on my 6 posts. The last I AM GOD was posted on7/21/20. please comment as I’m trying to reach young individuals in their twenties or younger. Do you have any suggestions?
      In peace

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