ONENESS with The Creator/ THE I AM #4

The Holy Spirit brings the essence of ONENESS. It is the essence of ONENESS that must be recaptured. See Blog #3 for background. The object of this lesson is to return to that point where we recognize our ONENESS with the I AM. ONENESS may also be viewed as it relates to the evolution of creation in the universe; by the I AM Spirit. When the GOD Spirit desired to create human beings, to reflect the I AM Spirit on Planet Earth; humankind was created. At this point in time, the I AM Spirit breathed it’s spark of life into humans. The purpose of HUMANKIND’S EXISTENCE, IS TO CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH. You may laugh or say this is impossible. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN HUMANKIND HUMBLES THEMSELVES TO THE I AM GOD WITHIN.

We must give no power to the darkness or misdirected energy i.e. sin. We must exalt nothing that is not of the one, the I AM. We do not see the light because we are blinded by the world’s materialism. We must give the darkness no power least we become turned into stone.

In the Book of Ezekiel it is written that, when the Spirit of the I AM GOD passed by mankind, we were polluted in our own blood and the Spirit of GOD said, LIVE. We took our first breath in which point we became alive on this planet. We became GOD’s energy on Earth. The I AM Spirit looked on humankind and it was a time of LOVE. Our Spirits entered into a covenant with the I AM. We became one with the Lord GOD; as we are today. We were washed with water and anointed with oil. We were clothed with linen and fine silk. Jewels were placed on our forehead, earrings in our ears, and a crown on our head.

It is written in Revelations Chapter 21, that John had a vision. He saw GOD coming down out of heaven and said, “Behold the Tabernacle of GOD is with humankind. The I AM Spirit will dwell with us and we shall be GOD’s people; and GOD shall be in us and be our GOD”. We were created by the I AM in the state of higher consciousness, to serve only a high purpose. In this, the I AM is well pleased. What pleases GOD? If you love me, you will love my creation; as I love you!

If you wish to explore this hypothesis, please comment in the spaces provided below. REMEMBER this Blog 100% free. It is requested that you share this blog with your friends. We must manifest GOD’s light on Planet Earth. As messages and insights are given, I will continue to post. STAY PLUGGED IN.


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