America Awake to see genocide, assassination, cultural human rape, and murder. It is our need to have someone in an inferior position. Some individuals have the need to feel superior to our brothers and sisters; this is INSANITY and GENOCIDE. For example in the bible Genesis 4 Verse 1-16, Cain killed his brother Abel becauseContinue reading “AMERICA AWAKE!”

ONENESS with The Creator/ THE I AM

The Holy Spirit brings the essence of ONENESS. It is the essence of ONENESS that must be recaptured. The object of this lesson is to return to that point where we recognize our ONENESS with the I AM. We must give no power to the darkness or misdirected energy i.e. sin. We must exalt nothingContinue reading “ONENESS with The Creator/ THE I AM”


After reviewing your comments to this blog; I feel it’s important that I provide background information and documentation as to how and why it is important to pursue the path to ONENESS. The first reference I will use is called the Bible. My grandmother told me the meaning of the word Bible was capital BContinue reading “OUR CONTINUED PATH TOWARDS ONENESS!”