We are each created as one in the total image of GOD. In the beginning, GOD breathed a spark of his essence into each human. At the time of our birth, we were given all POWER, all LOVE, and all WISDOM; which are the attributes of GOD. Now is the time to develop into our higher Spiritual consciousness. We must learn the proper use of these gifts, given to each human. The reason we were created is to bring into existence GOD’s plan to unite Heaven on Earth. If we choose not to fulfill the purpose for which we were created, Human kind will continue to live in darkness. Those who choose to be awakened will experience daily unknown creation and wonders.

The Path of ONENESS

Between the in-breath and the out-breath the nectar of GOD infuses into each being. On the in-breath, the essence of GOD is breathed into our body. On the out-breath we release GOD’s creation into our existence i.e. environment. At birth each human became the love of GOD manifested on Earth. Another way to understand this idea may be seen as our PATH to ONENESS.

With every breath we consume the universe. Between the in-breath and the out-breath we are fed from GOD. On the out-breath we feed life. On every in-breath we take life back into our being. Between the out-breath and the in-breath the nectar of GOD infuses into us. On the out-breath we release creation into the universe which is an act of GOD’s love. We become the love of GOD manifested on Earth.

This will only happen when we freely surrender our will to the universal creator. Upon the reawakening of our universal Spirit, we will be prepared to be instruments for the transmission of the LIGHT OF GOD.

You may be asking how can this be so? According to Matthew, ask and it shall be given unto you; ask, seek , knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

At our beginning, the breath of GOD was breathed into our nostrils and man became living Souls; according to Genesis Chapter 2. GOD gave us his breath and we became a living soul. During this time, we were awake and lived in the Spiritual realm with GOD. When we were given the attributes of GOD, we were created with free will. We were free to follow the light or darkness.

Job wrote, The Spirit of GOD made me and the breath of the almighty gave me life. It is also written, the first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening Spirit. As we are changed from mortal to immortality, we become one with the Spirit of GOD. i.e: this is the Spirit of ONENESS. Do not be denied and hypnotized by the Spirit of darkness. We can choose to submit to GOD and say, “Thy will be done on Earth; as it is in heaven”. It is our freewill to become vessels for the transmission of the Light Of GOD on Earth.

Stay plugged in for the following post.


The purpose of The Elohim Adonai Institute is to promote encouraging spiritual and educational information.

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