The pledge of allegiance to the United States is to the nation and to the flag. God is not first but last. It is now time to pledge our devotion to GOD first. It is time to break the control of Darkness . We are children of light. Plant a seed in your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, other family members and friends. This is our responsibility for the future of America and for democracy. At birth all humankind were given love, wisdom, and power to spiritually join our energies with the spirit of the I AM GOD and bring light to this dark Kingdom. Now is the time to freely surrender our attachments to greed, anger, and hate that belong to this kingdom of darkness. Layer by layer layer by layer our material mind will be replaced by our spiritual mind until we become aware of our inner spirit, which is the I..Am..God.

At the moment of reading this revelation; let us make the free will choice to join together our spiritual energies. In order that we may mentally place a band of SPIRITUAL LIGHT around this earth planet. WORKING IN COOPERATION WITH THE I AM SPIRIT, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. We must examine ourselves daily, in every relationship to determine if we treat ourselves and others ACCORDING to the following principles. LOVE, PATIENCE, GENTLENESS, SELF CONTROL, FORGIVING HEART, UNSELFISHNESS, FORBEARANCE. These same principles were taught by holy Sages since Adam and Eve came to this planet. GOD does not change!!

Begin by keeping a separate spiritual notebook and pen by your bed or close by when you are meditating. Find a quiet place that is warm and comfortable to meditate. The journal is to record your thoughts, dreams, messages, and directions received. Review your personal journal daily or often. Next, breathe deeply in and out three times. Repeat slowly aloud or silently, BE STILL…AND KNOW… I…AM…GOD. The more you repeat and dwell on BE. STILL .. AND…KNOW…I ..AM…GOD , the sooner you will AWAKEN.

Welcome the I Am Spirit of God into your inner spirit.

Next repeat aloud or silently the following prayer, which was received by myself and three others while meditating, fourty years ago. “Father Mother God allumin our paths that we may forever walk in righteousness, carrying the light of God before us in confidence. We will act as given through the Holy Spirit”

Next, sit still and listen for thoughts coming from your inner-self. Record thoughts you hear in your Journal.Keep your thoughts and journal private unless you have a trusted prayer and meditation partner. Do not be discouraged if you do not hear within weeks or months or years this will all depend on what earthly attributes you must surrender or how much effort and heart you are willing to devote. If your heart is open it can happen in a day or week . Focus your daily thoughts on the seven attributes of God listed above.

For we are the four winds, North, East, South and West, WE are the energies of the Universe. Look up your astrological sign or birth month, day and you will find out which wind you represent, I am the West Wind. This has been God’s plan from the beginning of creation. The reason this has not happened is that we have not made the choice to reunite with God’s spirit. When the Four Winds join our spiritual energies, there is no power on Earth that can prevent the Light of God from over taking this planet.

In the King James version of the Bible, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. John wrote in Revelations chapter 21 verse 3, “the tabernacle of God is with humankind, and God will dwell with them, they shall be his people and God himself shall be with them and be their God.” We will need no man and no books to teach us for we will be taught by the I Am God. It is now that time for awakening.

This post is a meditation from the I Am Spirit. Please copy and keep in your journal for future meditations.

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